Intro to Shutter Speed


PhotoLounge is Happy to Host: How to Play with Light: Shutter Speed 101!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play with light? Look no further than PhotoLounge’s shutter speed class! We are here to get you comfortable and feeling creative with the camera’s best friend, light! It’s easy to learn how to play with shutter speed  to create an entirely new image, an image only a camera can capture. The class will go over basic settings on your 35mm camera and dive into techniques on how to create interesting and engaging photographs by changing your shutter speed. The class is simple, informative, for anyone and everyone and absolutely free. Come paint with light!

This event is FREE and takes place on Zoom. RSVP to receive an email with important information and the link to join.

Artwork by Ana Triantafilou @eaarth2ana.

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