The Courier

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Made by Nakhyia Abrams,
The Courier is a video that celebrates the joy of film photography! 

A word from the artist about her relationship to film photography and about the video: 

"I am the type of person that wants to do everything. My name is Nakhyia Abrams, I am 21 years old and a senior at Drexel University. In the future I hope to connect my emotions and thoughts to where I see our reality is taking us. Whether that be in Fashion, Videography, Photography, or Graphic Design. I can't stay in one specific place and I'll let my intuition plunge over me as I try to answer the woes of our current & future state of shared experiences. 

I have always been interested in film photography but I wouldn't call myself an expert. If I have the means to take photos with film, and it's right in front of me I'll do it. As of today, I am using a Olympus Stylus and use whatever film I find. What I have noticed about this practice in photography is that time is the most important aspect. Of course, new technologies arrive where we are able to see our memories faster and have them linger online forever. Yet, there is no excitement or longing because you don't have to wait. 

In the short story of The Courier, our protagonist Dominique is also not well versed in Film either. We were just two people who had an underlying idea of what it means. Dominique is the vessel to connect experts and intermediate Photographers back into the state of why the idea of patience & practice is alluring. The process of film in its entirety has the basic conception of waiting. If you are waiting for the perfect composition or waiting for the film to be developed, you will always be met with a curiosity of how your memories will turn out. 

You have the ability to be the observer of your reality while also seeing the beauty of your interactions with your tangible existence."

Nakhyia is a talented artist and we are so happy that we got to work with her on this project. Go check out her Instagram to learn more about her!

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