Free Film Pick Up Service in Philadelphia

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Did you know that PhotoLounge offers a free film pick up service?


We love being a photo lab that not only processes, scans and prints your photos but also brings your film to our lab. Instead of letting your film sit by your bed or pile up in a corner until you make the trek to our store, when you finish a roll of film, place an order for processing on our website and let us come to you for no extra charge. Every Thursday our courier drives around Philly to pick up exposed film that customers have ordered to be developed and then drops the roll(s) off at the store for processing.  

We started this service because we wanted to make it easier for you to get your photos developed. As the photographer you get to focus all of your efforts in walking around, scheduling shoots or being with friends and capturing amazing film photographs. As the photo lab we take care of the rest even when it comes to getting your film to our store. We are dedicated to supporting everyone’s passion for film photography and since it takes longer to see your photos than shooting digitally, simplifying this process as much as possible is something we are constantly striving for. 

Begin by placing an order online and selecting “send a courier to me.” Once you place your order, on the upcoming Thursday our courier will be in contact with you by 7pm to confirm the pick up for the following day.



Watch the video below to see how easy it is to order film processing for pick up: 

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