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Benjamin Franklin never imagined film processing by mail back in 1775 when he was appointed the first Postmaster General.

Kodak didn't release the Brownie Camera until 1900, but then it turned pictures into an everyday thing for most families who sent film to Kodak and got pictures back some weeks later.

Later, in the 1980s, smaller processing equipment meant a photo lab in every neighborhood, and this made processing faster, like same day or even one hour. Almost overnight the mail order labs became second rate, and the best they had to offer was low prices.

These days most neighborhood film labs are long gone and photographers are very comfortable sending film by mail if they think a lab is excellent and convenient to order from. Luckily, there are competent film labs like PhotoLounge around the country, but also some average ones. You can generally tell the good ones because they have been around a long time and really know the craft of film processing and how to work the chemistry so your film comes out great. Chemistry is also an environmental concern, and some labs are less careful about disposal (we use a sophisticated filtration system, always have).

PhotoLounge started in 1997 as a local same day photo lab, but as some customers moved away, our mail order service grew, but we never promoted it. When Covid hit and everyone dispersed around the country, we made sending film easier and a service to focus on, and just now we added the easiest prepaid label service yet.

If you have film ready, just print the label and drop your film in the mail everywhere. You'll get great quality for a fair price, and still fast. Most color film is processed the day after it is received. Black and white film is batched and run in the middle of every week. You can track your package and know it's safe. What are you waiting for!!

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