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The Film Lab is closed this week for a much needed vacation. The store is still open.
You can still drop off film and get an automatic 30% discount this week, no code necessary. Your order will be completed August 26th. 
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This week our film lab staff and film processing machines are on a much needed vacation. Our film techs work so incredibly hard everyday processing hundreds of rolls of film and as a small business we feel especially strongly that they get time for self care before students are back and the lab goes back to being super busy. This is good not just for the staff but it is also good for our machines.

Processing film is both art and science, and this week is the science part. We’re having factory techs come to take the machine apart and recalibrate each pump and gear so that everything remains in optimal operating condition. This service is called an annual preventive maintenance and it is performed over and above the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance and checks that the crew perform. Processing film starts with this rigor and reverence for the process and only then can we add the art portion, which is how we tweak our process for best results. 

When you choose PhotoLounge for processing, you can be confident in our technical mastery. It is the only way to operate an excellent film lab today given that the last generation of commercial lab processing machines is from the aughts.

We know that our customers are used to a quick turnaround at PhotoLounge but this week or temporary turnaround time is going to be a bit longer so we ask you to be patient with us. If you drop off film this week you can expect your film to be finished on August 26th. Until your film is processed it will be safe and secure within our lab. We will also be taking steps ahead of time to get your film ready to go into the machines right when the staff is back.  

We promise that this is not our new turnaround time. After August 26th you can expect to get your color film scans the next day if you drop off by 3pm the day before. 

As a way to thank our customers for being patient with us during this summer break in the film lab we are offering a 30% discount on film processing through August 21st. It will automatically be added to your cart when you check out online so no code is necessary. 

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