Expanding the History of the Solomon House

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Photo: National Archives Catalog

In 1887, renowned Philadelphia architect Frank Furness designed a residence called the Solomon House. Little did he know in 2021 that it would become PhotoLounge’s new home. Here is a great resource that we have found that gives you a sense of the building's significance. We really wanted to create a modern photo lab that also celebrates the original architecture of the building. The most exciting thing we found during the redesign was the original railing (pictured below):

Our intention for this new space is for it to be more than just a store, but a place where you come to be immersed in all things photography. Somewhere you can meet a friend and talk about photography, meet with one of us to talk about your camera or different types of film or view an exhibition we have in our gallery.

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  • Stephen Williams - December 30, 2022

    Oh what a fine building!
    As you move forward with a sense of reverence

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