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Whether you want to highlight a selection of photographs that reference a certain trend or are surrounded by photographers and want to exhibit their work then design a show in our new gallery space! Tell us your idea here.


With our move to 130 South 17th Street we are excited to be able to have regular art shows within our three story brownstone. Our vision for this new aspect of our business is to provide a space for young, emerging, and underrepresented artists to have a chance for the community to view their work in a physical gallery space. Our whole goal for the new PhotoLounge is to give back to the community for their many years of service and this is just another way we are going about doing that. We imagine these to be informal shows that present high quality work in a very approachable way. If you have been thinking about building an exhibit around a specific event or trend that is happening in the world we would love to help provide you the space to do that. Or if your company or organization is filled with a bunch of creative photographers and want to use our gallery space to showcase what your colleagues make we would be interested in working with you. Either way tell us about your idea in this form and we will be in contact with you if it seems like a good fit.

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