Digitizing Your Collection: Sort and Quote

Digitizing Services

An easy, convenient way to figure out what you have in that who-knows-what box is to use our new Sort and Quote option.

Instead of taking hours (and hours) to go through your collection, why not just let us sort through those photos, videos, home movies, and slides so we can digitize and preserve those memories for you?

The process is simple: drop off your bag, box, or Tupperware full of analog items at our new store location — 130 S. 17th Street — and take a look around while you’re there! Then, for only $30, we will sort your items by format, help you figure out exactly what you have, and provide an estimate for digitizing your collection. If you decide to move ahead, that $30 credit is applied to your order. 

Want to learn more about your digitizing options? Stop by and see us (we’re open 7 days a week, 11am-5pm) or give us a call at 267-322-6651!

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