You Push The Button; The Family Photo

The PL 130 Gallery presents You Push The Button; The Family Photo. 

On view June and July 2024, curated by Kevin Convery.

Reception June 21st 6-9pm.


The Kodak Brownie created the photographic accessibility that unknowingly gave birth to vernacular photography. The camera was shipped off to Rochester, processed, printed and returned with a new roll of film. 

By 1900, the Brownie cost $1 enabling photography to explode to the masses and the snapshot was born. Now, anyone could be a photographer.

The Family Photo follows the joy, laughter, travels and candidness of one family, The Baehr family. The pictures are iconic yet ordinary, at once telling the story of just a family and the universal story of all families. The pictures offer a window into all of our lives and tap into a visual collective memory. Several thousand images spanning decades were digitized from negatives and slides by Photo Lounge in 2023 and printed on Archival Digital Pigment Baryta paper. Special thanks to the Baehr family for their permission and encouragement. 

Join us at the PL130 Gallery on June 21st 6-9pm to celebrate the photos and the summer.

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