Theme: Winter

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Winter
Prize: Three 8x10 prints
Winner: @preradovic_andjela

From the Artist: “This photograph was taken on my road through Binghamton, New York. Past couple of years I have focused my work on finding ways to capture strong black and white architecture compositions. As I’ve passed by this little farm I was highly mesmerized by all the different architectural shapes and the beauty of the first snow this winter. I could immediately picture how well it’s going to look on B&W film and knew it’s going to be my favorite image on that roll.”

What We Liked: The snow covers the finer details within this photo highlighting the curved and more angular shapes of the objects. The way this photo is framed also makes the size and shape of the buildings feel supernatural. We liked how the curve of the roofs and the silos seem to mimic the curve in the bike wheels, connecting the objects and drawing your eye across the entire image.

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