Theme: Urban Life

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Urban Life
Prize: $30 print voucher
Winner: @matt_herzog

What We Liked: The symmetry within the subway car draws you into the image. We also like how the photo is slightly askew because it hints to the unsteadiness of the subway making you feel as if you are there. The element of flash is also interesting and brings a subtle sense of glamor to the scene.

From the Artist: "I’ve been trying to take as many candid street photos as I can before life returns to normal. It’s part of this series that I’m doing for myself called '$1 Portraits.' The idea was to capture great scenes or moments in city life during Covid. I was originally using disposables cameras to get like a cheap gritty subway aesthetic, but ironically enough this particular photo ended up elevating beyond that aesthetic by elegantly highlighting the architecture of the subway and the subjects as well."

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