Theme: Shadows

Photo Contest
Photograph of light coming into a orange room
Contest Theme: Shadows
Prize: Three rolls of film developed with high resolution scans made for free

From the Artist: "This photo was taken during a random walkabout to test a newly acquired point & shoot camera. I passed this empty storefront and thought the light and shadows were interesting, and only after the fact did I realize just how interesting this picture would be. There are subtle reflections of seemingly impossible windows, lampposts that appear to be in the store, and others that are also casting shadows into the store, and interesting geometry and lines that make it fun to look at."

What We Liked: Shadows are a fundamental element of photography and can add a great amount of depth to any image. This photograph stands out for how it uses the shadows to change the quality of light and adjust the viewers focus. Simultaneously obscuring and illuminating the scene creates an interesting image full of details for the viewer to discover.

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