Theme: Shadows

Photo Contest
Black and white photograph of family walking into the Philadelphia City Hall building

Contest Theme: Shadows
Prize: Three rolls of film developed for free
Winner: @xdickx

From the Artist: "The photo shows a family walking into the Philadelphia City Hall building. I was on a pre work photo walk and was enjoying the sun pouring into the walkway. I climbed up the stairs that lead to a blocked off doorway and found a spot that framed the walkway. I waited for the right moment and It didn’t take long. Lots of people flowing in and out, some on the way to work some out exploring the city. I think the kid is looking forward into what’s ahead, while the older man is looking at what’s around. It takes time and practice to focus on where you’re at and enjoy it."

What We Liked: In this photo, the composition and light work together to create a dramatic and dynamic image. Most of the fame is enveloped in darkness, aiming your focus towards the off set lighted part, where the three pedestrians add a sense of motion to the frame. We also like how the shadow on the right creates an abstract boarder.

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