Theme: Rain

Photo Contest
Contest Theme: Rain
Prize: Two rolls of film processed & scanned high res for free and one 11x14 fine art print!
Winner: @cxncrete_cemetery


What We Liked: Rain happens in stages. First our “spidey senses” tingle, then comes the precipitation, and finally it is followed by a calm silence (if you’re lucky, a rainbow too). This photo successfully captures the latter stage, where water has saturated the pores of the earth and clings to the air, resulting in a moody fog and stunningly reflective pavement. The blue hue of the photograph greatly emphasizes the moisture present in the scene—you can almost see the humid air. And the lighting, though simple, is also very strong; just enough of the details are highlighted in the scene, such as the woman’s face, to let the viewer know who and what we’re looking at, but also leave room for wonder.

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