Theme: Rain

Photo Contest
Photograph taken while driving through the windshield of car with wipers on in the rain
Contest Theme: Rain
Prize: One roll of film processed and three 5x7 prints made free!
Winner: @otter.images

From the Artist: Leaving - "Taken while leaving college on a long drive home, the image conveys a dark and gloomy feeling. edited to amplify these moods, I chose to add film grain, tint, and more haze. capturing the exact moment of the wiper blade passing through the windshield where I wanted it to took several attempts but the effort was well worth it."

What We Liked: Photography offers one of the best ways to take advantage of the otherwise dreary rain storms this time of year. We were particularly drawn to this photo for its cinematic effect, created by the rain's dramatic lighting amplified by the windshield. The resulting composition is both simple and effective, dipping into the realm of abstraction...just remember to never take pictures while driving!

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