Theme: Nature

Photo Contest
Photograph of a fire hydrant surrounded by green bushes
Contest Theme: Nature
Prize: Three rolls of film developed with high resolution scans made for free. 

From the Artist: "For me personally this photo very much epitomizes comfort. Whilst the contrast in colors evident, as well as the juxtaposition between the natural presence of the shrubbery and the industrious man made practicality of the fire hydrant. This photo was taken on the day my girlfriend and mother met for the first time. After we had dinner we walked around the area where I grew up. I remember how excited I was to showcase the natural splendors of my neighborhood to someone who's never experienced it. This Photo is visually comforting in terms of how appropriately the hydrant is nestled within the green, but also personally comforting given the context and sentiment associated with it."

What We Liked: The striking colors in this photo immediately grabbed our attention—the deep, lush greens contrasting against the mustard hydrant. We appreciate how it embodies the duality between the natural world and the man made. When left unattended nature consumes and reclaims the built world.

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