Theme: Morning Light

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Morning Light
Prize: One roll of film processed & three 5x7 prints all for free
Winner: @_e.harman_

From the Artist: "This photo was taken in the early hours of the morning while walking across my college campus. My photos tend to focus on patterns, color, or other formal qualities of art and photography, and the morning sun's effect on the color of the smoke is what really interested me, particularly how it contrasted with the cloudless sky. There are little bits of color shifting due to the sun in a lot of portions of the photo, from the trees behind the buildings to the pipes and brick from the buildings."

What We Liked: In this early morning photograph we see the distinct pastel tones of sunrise light reflected in the smoke. The building is half blanketed in shadows as the sun hasn’t completely risen, but the clear blue sky behind it beckons the possibilities of a new day. One half illuminated smoke stack shows how special light can really change how a photo looks.

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