Theme: Memory

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Memory
Prize: Three rolls of film processed for free
Winner: @lolascook

From the Artist: "I took this photo in one of my favorite places in my hometown in the heart of the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. I was messing around and experimenting with Lomography's sprocket rocket camera, which is a fully manual panoramic 35mm film camera. It was taken with Kodak gold 200 35mm film, which is my favorite film to shoot outside on. It is a double exposure so you can see the mountain range twice, and I chose to do this so that the subject looks one with the mountains and becomes both the foreground and the background. It was a very experimental shoot as it was my first time using this camera, but I ended up getting a lot of great shots. I used it for the memory theme because it has a dreamy feel to it due to the clouds and double exposure that almost makes the subject fade away. Photos quite literally capture memories, and I thought this fulfilled the theme quite well."

What We Liked: This dreamy double exposure tells a story through the overlapping paths and mountains in the background. In addition to capturing a memory, it also recreates the feeling of remembering, which is often non-linear, abstract, and distant after being filtered through the lens of time. The second exposure also gives this photo a wonderful otherworldly texture.

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