Theme: Luck

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Luck
Prize: Three 8x10 prints
Winner:  @stanmadephotos

From the Artist: "This photo was from a random day of walking around the city with a friend to shoot some film. I've always been drawn to architecture and abstract design so when I'm out, I try looking for details or patterns that are emphasized by good lighting. I was walking down Race street and I loved the way the light was falling on the bridge and the rail line and creating that sharp shadow on the street. It all kind of complimented each other. I saw someone walking further down and instantly thought, I'll wait until they get to the point of the shadow to take the picture. Right as that passerby was getting near, I could hear the train and hoped that I could catch them both at the same time and with a little bit of luck, I did! It's one of the images I'm most proud of because it combines so many elements that I love and I was able to capture them all simultaneously."

Taken on a Canon Elan 7e with a 40mm f2.8 pancake on Ektar 100.

What We Liked: When photographing (especially street photography) chasing Cartier-Bresson's decisive moment requires a healthy amount of luck. Everything must come together at the right time for the camera to freeze it into the perfect frame. This image is a great example of one such moment. It captures an intersection between different forms of transit (pedestrian, train, and highway) overlapping on top of each other, with the first two beautifully filling out the frame. The depth of this moment is amplified by the dramatic shadows and colors, featuring subtle hues of blue, green, and brown.

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