Theme: Joy/Euphoria

Photo Contest
Photograph of people climbing street polls on Broad Street in Philadelphia
Contest Theme: Joy/Euphoria
Prize: One roll of film developed and three 5x7 prints made for free.

From the Artist: "This photo was taken on Broad Street after the Eagles beat the 49ers and advanced to the Super Bowl. As soon as the game ended, I grabbed my camera and hopped on the packed SEPTA train at the Cecil B. Moore station. I love the girl's expression in this photo; it captures the pure joy and excitement that everyone was feeling. Philly knows how to celebrate their sports - it is so fun to experience everyone coming together and the positive energy pulsing through the city."

What We Liked: It’s a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan! With the birds going to the super bowl, there’s some amazing positive energy circulating through out the city—evidenced through this crazy, nearly-absurd frame! Home town bias aside, this photo makes great use of night time flash to light up the scene with bright, unnatural colors. We like how the subjects—and the light post—stick out starkly against the dark background.

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