Theme: History

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: History
Prize: Three free 8x10 inch prints
Winner: @xdickx

From the Artist: "I came across a dumpster full of old brick from a demo in Asbury Park NJ. It was just sitting there surrounded by newer construction. The brick was once someones hard work and a beautiful building. I enjoy being able to save things from the trash and bring them new life. If I had the ability I would have taken as many of the bricks to use them in a garden or some other crafty project. However you can’t save everything, but you can always take a photo."

What We Liked: This image uses the contrast between a sharp foreground and shadowy background to highlight the death of a building. It captures the rubble of a structure torn down in the name of progress, with buildings in the background forming a ghostly backdrop. This photo serves as a point for reflection on creation and destruction, as we consider what is worth preserving and what is not.

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