Theme: Flash

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Flash
Prize: Three 8x10 prints made free
Winner: @_clp222

From the Artist: "I took this in the restroom in the basement of the National Gallery in Washington D.C.  Something about the lighting in there just felt compelling. I use old Pentax IQzoom point and shoots I get off eBay for about $30 each. I thought I turned the flash off so I could take a mirror selfie, but the displays on these cameras are always shot, so I couldn’t tell it was still on. I guess there was enough distance between the mirror and the flash that it wasn’t overwhelming. I shot this on Lomochrome Purple 400."

What We Liked: We like how this photo incorporates the flash’s reflection into the image, creating a kind of halo effect that reverberates outwards to the edges of the frame. This effect is heightened by the color tones throughout the image. In the center, near the flash, the background is rendered in warm reds and pinks, but these bleed into cool blues and purples towards the edge.

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