Theme: Fashion

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Fashion
Prize: One roll of film processed and three 5x7 prints
Winner: @jwatson_photos

From the Artist: "This street portrait was taken on a muggy, yet beautiful Summer day in 2021. I was on my way to my work office on Broad Street for the very first time after starting my job remotely a year prior. I was only a few blocks away when I saw this lovely woman standing on the corner taking a drag. I knew I had to ask to take her photo even though I was nervous and sweaty. She graciously allowed me to snap two frames and made small talk before heading off again. Her calm smile and kindness brought me a moment of peace during a time of great anxiety.
This photo is from my first roll of CineStill 50d 35mm and was shot with an Olympus OM2."

What We Liked: We love the energy in this photo. The warm light and muted colors give off a good feeling, that is heightened by the subject’s natural body motion and friendly smile. Half basked in sunlight, the neutral tomes in her outfit are complimented by bright red flowers, adjacent teals and greens, and the beige bricks in the background. This all results in a very enjoyable image.

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