Theme: Family/Friends

Photo Contest

Photograph of people sitting on rocks in wooded area

Contest Theme: Family/Friends
Prize: Three rolls of film processed with high resolution scans for free
Winner: @kristenrharrison

From the Artist: "I had amassed a number of 35mm photos of friends that I wasn't sure if they were strongest on their own. I enjoy playing around with diptychs but wanted to try something new, so I centered images of a single subject on backgrounds of other scenes from the same location. I thought it gave a more of a sense of place, context, and texture when paired together."

What We Liked: We like how effortless this photomontage is. The effect mimics the motion of the waterfall—the left boarder is hard and defined, like water falling through the air, while the right boarder blends together, like water. We also like how stitching the photos together plays on the foreground and background, putting the subjects at unnaturally different perspectives grabs your attention and makes take a closer look.

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