Theme: Costumes

Photo Contest

Photograph of someone dressed up as Bob Ross painting trees

Contest Theme: Costumes
Prize: Three 8x10 prints made free
Winner: @gatographer

From the Artist: "This photograph was an impromptu, cellphone capture during my office Halloween celebration on Monday (10/31/22). We were outside for a group photo, when I spotted 'Bob Ross' next to that 'happy tree'. My coworker, Manny Carmona (@jesusm.carmona), wore the costume with much panache! My 'artist' lightbulb went off at the sight of him, and the rest is all a 'happy little accident!'"

What We Liked: This week’s contest theme was a little silly, but we really enjoyed seeing everyone’s creative costumes this Halloween! In the end, the photo and costume that really stood out is this photographers Bob Ross portrayal. Not only are the hair, outfit, and accessories perfect, but we also like how the environment is tied into the costume—painting happy trees.

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