Theme: Circles

Photo Contest
Photographed taken with Ilford FP4 film of lantern festival in Philadelphia

Contest Theme: Circles
Prize: Three rolls of film processed and scanned for free
Winner: @juanpapi420

From the Artist: "The image is from a few months ago when the lantern festival just went up. I was out in the middle of the day on a rare day off. there were several families with large strollers out in the park and myself. I try to shoot whatever catches my eye, I think was just drawn to the shadows. I was pushing Ilford FP4 pretty far to really ramp up contrast - I go for that “pen and ink” look that flattens out images into its base elements."

What We Liked: Black and white photography is special because it reduces an image to the most fundamental elements of photography—light and shadow—which helps the viewer focus on textures and patterns. We like how the light in this photo casts great circular shadows across the walkway, giving it a surreal feeling. The heavy contrast builds on this effect, capturing a place out of time and space.

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