Theme: 2021

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: 2021
Prize: Film Processing Super Saver
Winner: @r_aparicio77

From the Artist: "In the lobby at my local parking garage, they have the machines where you can pay for parking. On the brick floor, they have these “6’ is Here” stickers on the ground. They’ve become worn from people coming in and out of the garage. I’ve always thought they looked interesting with the wear and tear so I decided to take a photo of one. I submitted it for this photo contest because I thought it fit perfectly with the theme and the rest is history."

What We Liked: This photo highlights how the pandemic has progressed this year. The pealing away of the sign makes us think of the moment we had this past summer when Covid seemed under control and maybe we would no longer need to distance. The official quality of the sign also brings a sense of looming permanence to the pandemic. We also like how the image is framed because even though the sign refers to the space around you, the photo cuts out the rest of the environment.

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