Rolling Along: Week 1

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Bobby running somewhere in Arkansas.

Meet Matt Herzog, Jack Singer, David Fort Jr, and Bobby Decker!

For a while now PhotoLounge has been interested in creating a series on our Instagram that follows people who are on a road trip! We continue to get big bulk film processing orders from people who have just got back from road trips and since so many great photos and stories come out of those rolls of film, we had an idea to create a series that could provide a platform for people to share them. Not too long ago, we met a great group of guys who recently, graduated from Drexel University and planned a cross country road trip. After hearing that they have a strong passion for photography and filmmaking we thought what better group to launch this series with? 

Here you can read their travel plans, goal for the trip and the camera equipment they are bringing: 

“We will travel cross country and film a feature-length mixed-medium documentary. Our intention is to document our journey across America and create a portrait of America through the lens of four recent college graduates. We will interview all walks of life in America about their lives and their view on the state of America, while also expressing our point of view and thoughts. Some inspirations for this trip have been the novel “On the Road”, the films, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Into the Wild” and the Youtube channel “All Gas No Brakes.” 

We begin the trip in Philadelphia and head south to Washington D.C. and the Shenandoah National Park. We then travel westward through Virginia and Tennessee. From Memphis, TN, we head to El Dorado, Arkansas, for an authentic rural community. From there, we hit iconic American sites, such as Route 66 and the Grand Canyon. We also explore museums that explore America’s darker history, such as a former Japanese internment camp, Native American history museums and a museum that details the atrocity of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Along the way, we will stop at a handful of major American cities, such as Phoenix, Santa Fe, Oklahoma City and Dallas to name a few. We end up on the west coast approximately July 20th. From Los Angeles, we take the Pacific Coast Highway up all the way to San Francisco. We will explore San Francisco before heading back home on an expedited return trip; we will arrive back in Philly on July 30th. For a more in depth overview of our trip, check the itinerary below. 

We will document this trip through the use of Sony a7iii’s video capabilities. We intend to supplement the feature-length documentary with both digital and film photography. Each of us will also write at least 3 pages every day inspired by the people and the scenery we see along the way for a possible publishable zine or photobook.”

Trip Length: June 27th - July 30th

Cameras they brought: Sony a7iii, Lomography Fisheye No.2, Canon Zr85 Mini-DV Camcorder, Nikon EM, Nikon N8008, Canon AE1, Canon EOS 1N, Canon AF10, Canon Rebel T6 

"One of Bobby’s dreams was to get a road kitten.
We stopped at the house to see them, but the owners never answered.
Maybe next time."

"We randomly pulled over to stretch our legs in Northeast Arkansas.
It was a cool photo opportunity that couldn’t be passed up."

"Entering Memphis, we didn’t know what we were getting into, but the energy on Beale Street was electric."

"Matt and Bobby pay their respects to Johnny Cash. Rest in peace."

"Robert at Robert’s, the only bar in Nashville that still plays “real” country music."

"A small-town theater connected to a gun shop."

"A starry night outside Lexington, VA."

"Our first day of the trip in DC: taking photos, grilling burgers, and watching the sunset."

"The early bird gets the worm."

"First signs of the deep South."

"Beautiful skyline as we drove towards Nashville."

"Bobby and David meeting a fan at Elvis’s home in Graceland."

"David showing us around his family farm in El Dorado, Arkansas."

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