PhotoLounge Presents, Retrospective


Come see our first gallery show! 


PhotoLounge Presents was a huge success as an online series hosted on Instagram. Over the past year, the community responded to week after week of incredible work from nearly 40 different artists. Now, we have a gallery! For our first show we wanted to take the amazing work out of the virtual and into the physical, giving the larger community an opportunity to look back at these stories. 

As part of PhotoLounge Presents Retrospective, you can take home some of this incredible work and support these talented artists. Each artist is also encouraged to donate proceeds to Photography Without Borders.

The show will open on Friday, June 25th at 6pm and will run through July 30, 2021. Please wear a mask to attend.

Visit our Instagram to view all of the artist interviews that are featured in the show!

Featured artists include: 

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