PhotoLounge Presents: Johnathan Troup

Beyond the Gallery

What is “Do a Kickflip!” meant to communicate with its audience? 
“It’s meant to communicate the impact that community can have on someone's individual growth. Yes, on the surface skateboarding is a solo activity, but when you find a skate spot or park or crew to call home you also find a part of yourself. You find inspiration and motivation to push yourself to accomplish a goal or learn something new.”

What is your favorite aspect of working with these subjects?
They’re really happy to have you around and they uplift you so much. Skater subjects really make me feel confident and proud of the work I'm making.”

Your most memorable moment over the course of creating the project? 
“So many to choose from but one would have to be when this little boy was super scared to drop in on the quarter pipe and this older skater dropped everything he was doing to help coach him through and the boy successfully dropped in and everyone who saw cheered.”

Has creating “Do a kickflip!” had any lasting impressions on your creative process? 
“Yes, it really taught me to be more patient as a photographer. Not to be so run and gun all the time but just wait and the moment will come to you and when you see the moment be decisive when it comes to pressing your shutter button and capturing it.”

Where do you hope to go next with future projects? 
“Nowhere special. I just wanna be always working on something that helps me grow and challenges my social views.”

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