PhotoLounge Presents: Alba Kupa

Beyond the Gallery


What started your journey as a photographer? 
“I’ve always liked collecting evidence of my memories. It progressed from blurry digital flicks as a child to finally getting a film camera off Craigslist in college. There are a lot of feelings and sights I’ve since immortalized.”

What subject do you feel most connected to? 
“On a trip recently in Puerto Rico I read about la naturaleza. Really, I’m obsessed with nature, in the grand way that captures some of the divinity of life.”

How would you describe your work? 
“An extensive scrapbook of my blossoming independence and outdoor exploration.”


Why film? 
“Film helps me be selective. Limiting myself to 36 standout moments makes for a beautiful roll. Plus, waiting is fun and I want my future kids to think I’m cool.”

How does traveling influence your work?
“Almost all of my favorite photos involved a few hours of travel. Whether it means hiking or flying, I always bring my camera super eager to capture something new.”

How does your creative process differ on the road compared to at home? 
“The pictures I take in Philly are easter eggs- maybe you’ll recognize the park I’m in or who my friends are. On the road, I’m so inspired by the mystique of how much I haven’t seen.”

Where do you see yourself as a photographer in a few years? 
“Hopefully mixing my professional life with my creative pursuits, documenting different countries through film while working on international ad campaigns for companies I love.”

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