Off Topic

Off Topic

Off Topic

PL130 Gallery at PhotoLounge
July 11th - September 26th
Open House: August 5th 6-9 pm

Off Topic is a photo show about the unassigned work of photojournalists who worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News since the 80s. Rather than showing pictures “on assignment,” it explores their more creative and introspective images -- images that are “off topic.”

Unlike published pictures that are selected by photo editors and designed to fit a story and a page, these pictures were selected by the photographers themselves strictly because they are significant. The show includes work by over 40 distinguished and award winning photojournalists and is a fascinating unpublished narrative in pictures of the past several decades.

Featured artists include: Alejandro A. Alvarez, Rebecca Barger, Michael Bryant, William Thomas Cain, Robert R Clark Jr, John Costello, J. G. Domke, Meredith Edlow, Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel, Jay Gorodetzer, Jim Graham, Bryan Grigsby, Monica Herndon, Bob Hill, Raymond Holman, Dave Jackson, Linda Johnson, J Kyle Keener, Nick Kelsh, Laurence Kesterson, Marvi Lacar, Jim MacMillan, David Maialetti, Cliff Mautner, Eric Mencher, Michael Mercanti, Jennifer Midberry, G.W. Miller III, José F. Moreno, Clem Murray, Michael Perez, Michael Plunkett, Larry C. Price, Scott Rowan, April Saul, Hinda Schuman, Dirk Shadd, John Slavin, Akira Suwa, David Swanson, Ron Tarver, and Vicki Valerio.

The PL130 Gallery at PhotoLounge opened in 2021 with a mission to raise the voices of a diverse photo community and to show important new work by emerging photographers. For the sake of equity, the gallery eschewed any costs associated with entering or exhibiting shows. Rather, costs are sponsored entirely by an active Film Photography Club where members pay $8 in monthly dues to support art. All work is hung unframed and printed by PhotoLounge on museum quality substrates. 


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