Kevin Daniel Showing Work at Philly Vintage Bazaar

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Kevin Daniel is a long time customer at PhotoLounge and is showing a selection of his work at Philly Vintage Bazaar. We are so excited to be able to partner with him to print this collection. To give the community a little more background on the process of printing this show we decided to interview Kevin about the exhibition.

Photograph of apartment complex with red railing balconies

Posed photograph of woman

PL: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What got you interested in photography? 

KD: Hi, thanks for having me. I am a west Philadelphia based fashion and lifestyle photographer using mostly analogue processes. I grew up in the 90s and as far back as I can remember I've loved making images but Ii can say for sure the camera that got me interested in photography had to be my mom's Polaroid 600. Watching the image appear in front of me was life changing.

Photograph of someone reading

Photograph of street sign saying, "Foot Worship"

Posed photograph of person walking in white leather boots and fishnet stockings

PL: Tell us a bit about this collection of photos you are showing at Philly Vintage Bazaar? What is the inspiration behind the selection of images?

KD: In the past I've shown mostly portraits at shows, this time I wanted to show a wider range of my work so alongside the portraits I'm showing some of my street photography and architectural photography as well. 

Posed photograph of person wearing a chainmail head piece

Photograph of neon heart and rose in a store window

PL: How did you decide on size? What type of experience are you hoping viewers to have while looking at your images?

KD: My last photo show was in 2017, so I've had quite some time to make images that I feel are worth being seen in real life. I can’t say what I expect people to feel when they see them, I just felt I had to show this work somewhere that wasn’t a computer screen.

Photograph of empty subway on the Philadelphia Broad Street Line

Photograph of green and white tiled steps leading up out of subway stop

Photograph of broken clock on the ground

PL: What type of paper did you end up having PhotoLounge use to print your images? What do you like about the paper? How does it impact the quality of the photo, if at all? 

KD: I used your lovely matte paper! I love the way it looks and feels, it’s really hard for me to put it into words but you’ll know it when you see it. Max was very helpful with getting things just right for me and I couldn't be happier.

Photograph of run down shack on the side of the road

Photograph of four people standing against stone wall half posed and half candid

PL: How does it feel to see your images printed?

KD: There is no more rewarding feeling than seeing your images printed. I do feel that it completes the act of making an image. Having a good scan is great but nothing beats holding an image you made with your camera in your hands.

Photograph of someone's hand holding a microphone

Photograph of band member dressed in a mummy costume holding a guitar

Go check out these photos at Philly Vintage Bazaar! Here are some images of the photographs in the space: 

Photograph of Kevin Daniel's photographs inside Philly Vintage Bazaar

Photograph of Kevin Daniel's photographs inside Philly Vintage Bazaar

Photograph of Kevin Daniel's photographs inside Philly Vintage Bazaar


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