Do We Sleep Enough to Dream?


We are told as Americans that from the moment we’re born, we have access to The American Dream; the idea that anyone in this country can obtain their own version of success, regardless of race, class, sex or any other factor. But in this exhibition we ask: As an American, is it possible to live a fruitful life in this country as a person who is actively targeted on a daily basis by their government and fellow Americans? When you’re always on edge and fighting an uphill battle, how does your idea of The American Dream change or how do you face the reality that The American Dream is just something you don’t have access to? It’s right there in the definition that you have access to it regardless of your background, but this nation has a history of not living up to its promises, especially promises made to Black Americans. Through the wonderful photography from the presenting artists and the generous sponsorship of PhotoLounge, Do We Sleep Enough To Dream is a show that presents the reality experienced by Black Americans trying to achieve this dream and how we have confronted these questions.

All of the phenomenal work displayed will be for you to take home. We ask you take a piece home to support local Philadelphia artists and PhotoLounge, a local business that supports the Philadelphia art community. The show opens August 6th 2021 at 6PM-9PM, and will close out August 31st 2021. 

Masks are required for attendance.

Featured artists:
Laron Hall: @iamlaron
Akilah Grant-Sullivan: @akilahgs
Khamani O’Reilly: @kamvzl
Nate Ogun: @_miniclips
Tahir Fallen: @fallen.images

Johnathan Troup
India Cerdan
Zack Watkins

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