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Order prints from our current University Student Show: Photography in the Time of Covid here on our website!

20% off all prints from the show now through Friday evening with the code: GALLERYNIGHT


The PL130 Gallery at PhotoLounge acts as a community space where curated art from emerging photographers can be shown to a community of photography appreciators, and where art is viewed and collected.

When we launched the gallery, we wanted a really big tent where a diverse community could show excellent work. We set out to remove all financial barriers like submission fees and printing costs. Already we have seen a diverse quality of work that has been unifying and inspiring and have made our one of a kind shows all the more unique. 

The gallery exists inside PhotoLounge, which helps to cover the overhead costs. The printing and other activities are covered by $8 monthly membership dues to the Film Photography Club, and through sales of prints and other show merchandise.

The prints for each show are printed at PhotoLounge on museum quality pigment printers and fine art paper, also known as Giclee. We encourage the community to purchase art in our shows, and our pricing of photographs is meant to honor each piece while adhering to our core tenet that art should be affordable. We set all the pricing for each show to maximize community participation and to reward each photographer. Prints from a selection of the pictures on display in each show can also be ordered from our website in several print sizes. 

Some shows will also feature a selection of prints in a collection gift pack that visitors to the gallery can purchase and leave with. Some shows may also have a show zine, poster or photo book for sale. 

When you purchase any of these products you’re supporting the efforts of the gallery, future shows and the photographers. Half or more of the profits from each print sold on our website is given to the photographer in cash or lab credit while the rest of the profit is plowed into future shows, making this a self-sustaining community.

>> Order Prints from University Student Show: Photography in the Time of Covid <<


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