Open Position: Film Courier

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Join our in-the-field customer service and help Philly photographers!

Quick info about the position: 
  • Steady and flexible work
  • Needed two days weekly
  • Must have a car
  • Interest in photography is a plus
  • Free film processing and printing
  • Send cover letter and resume to

You probably know about our courier service, where we have someone come to customer's homes to pick up their film for processing. The courier is really the manager of our store on wheels, or the head of out-of-store logistics, or the remote customer manager, or the out-in-the-community engagement leader.  Right now we’re looking for the right person to step into this role and help delight film and print lovers with current and future services. 

In this role, you’ll start each day in the lab, collecting various orders that have been marked for delivery back to customers in the city and nearby suburbs. You’ll also have a list of orders to collect. These orders can be of a great variety and need to be handled with great care, so you need to be a super accountable and organized person. You’ll arrange your day and communicate with all the customers on your list. And when you’re done, you’ll bring everything back to the lab for processing. 

Although the role is external to our physical store, you’ll be very integrated into our operations, the team, and culture. And you’ll get to meet and win the trust of many regular customers and first time users. You’ll get access to our operational systems, including a special phone number and email address, and you’ll benefit from our employee free processing plan.

We need someone to start right away, so if you love photography and have a car (that is a requirement) then you can apply! Please send your resume and cover letter to

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