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Macon Bauer is a Film Club Member who was living in Lisbon and Istanbul for a few years and captured some great street photos from his travels. This week we interviewed him to learn more about his interest in photography and what it was like to be taking pictures in Europe. Scroll down to see his images and read his answers. 

Photograph of person standing in shadows on the street

Photograph of people looking down a street

Photograph of person pulling bags down a street

PL: What got you interested in film photography? 

MB: I asked for a digital camera for Christmas to photograph my friends skateboarding back in high school (2010ish) . Christmas came along and at first I was pretty bummed to learn what was gifted to me was a film camera (beggars can't be choosers).. However shortly after, I learned to love analogue and taking “street photography” rather than skateboarding tricks. 

Photograph of people sitting on a bench

Photograph of person pulling in boat to shore

Photograph of people on the street sitting on carriers

PL: What type of camera do you shoot with and what kind of film do you usually use?

MB: I am not very careful with my belongings so with that being said, I prefer something heavy and built like a tank - Right now the Canon Ae1 is doing the job. If I am feeling like I need to be a little more “careful” with my surroundings I bring out a little Rollei 35 s. I call this my little spy camera. You can really get close with the Rollei and get away with a lot. Any film is fine with me, I would say that my favorite film is anything cheap 🙂

Photograph of person sitting on street stoop

Photograph of people lying on railing on the street in the sun

PL: There are a mix of black and white and color photos within this collection. What are some qualities that you like about both black and white and color film? 

MB: I notice I shoot a lot more black and white than colour. I think it's because I have an easier time with black and white and am more fixated on the subject matter in my photos than colour. However on a nice sunny day it's great to put a roll of colour in the camera and not look through the world like a skate (the only animal in the world that sees the world black and white - according to google). 

Photograph of person looking at camera on their bike in the road

Photograph of men on dock

Photograph of dog shaking off water in a street

PL: When taking pictures, what are some objects or elements or feelings within a scene that inspire you to take a photo?

MB: I encourage that feeling of uncomfortability, getting close and taking a photo of strangers. I think it goes back to skateboarding and doing tricks on a “spot” I know that I should not be at - which gives me a rush. Also just getting outside and having a general curiosity with the world. I have a terrible memory so taking photos helps me to reflect, giving me a little synopsis about that time in my life. 

Photograph of people sitting on seat in street

Photograph of people sitting in cut out in wall

Photograph of man sitting on bench in the street feeding birds

PL: What did you enjoy about taking photos of foreign city life? Was there anything challenging about it?

MB: I would say that taking photos abroad is almost easier. You can easily play off the tourist who doesn't know what he is doing vibe and get away with a lot more of what could be deemed as an awkward moment. 

Photograph of man leaning on steps up to a door

Photograph of person sitting in car

Photograph of person fixing their car in the rain

PL: Out of all of these photos, which one is your favorite and why?

MB: I am not sure if I have a favorite. Maybe that photo has yet to come. Although I do like this one photo of the man fixing his car in the rain. I was living in Lisbon and that day I decided to drop out of grad school cause I quickly found out that I was not a finance bro. Instead of going to school, I decided to walk all day in the rain and luckily stumbled upon this gentleman.  

Photograph of person holding a dog

Photograph of child playing keyboard in street


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