Member Moment: Dylan Stone

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This week’s Member Moment features work by Dylan Stone who sent us photos of Philly streets, skateboarding tricks, and adventures with friends. Scroll down to see his pictures and to read the interview!

PL: What got you interested in photography? 

DS: I feel like I’ve kinda always been interested in photography. When I was growing up, my Mom would always carry around a little 35mm point and shoot and take photos of my sister and I. I also remember her getting us disposables when we went on trips. So I think that sort of laid the groundwork for me. As I got older, I always had a subscription to Thrasher which really got me hooked on shooting skating. Then I just started branching out from there. Now it’s definitely something I can’t go without.

PL: What type of camera do you shoot with?

DS: 95% of my work is on a Canon ae 1. That’s just been my go to for about 6 years now. I did however just pick up a Fuji x100v a couple months ago that I mostly just shoot for random day to day stuff, because unfortunately film is getting pretty expensive.

PL: When taking pictures, what are some objects or elements or feelings within a scene that inspire you to take a photo?

DS: I mostly shoot with a 28mm so I really like to play with the relationship of the subject and the rest of the scene. And then more specifically, for street photos I like to hone in on moments and juxtaposition.

PL: Of the pictures you submitted, can you share an interesting story about one? 

DS: In the photo of the kayak and tent with the campfire, my friend Connor and I have a yearly tradition of going on a trip with very little plan and that always turns into a type two fun situation. These trips have included backpacking 20 miles a day and sleeping in below freezing temperatures in hammocks, hiking to camp sites in the middle of the night through swarms of bugs with a big net draped over us, and various other situations. This particular trip we decided to kayak about 25 miles down the Susquehanna river from Harrisburg to Columbia. Little did we know about 10 miles into the paddle we got stuck in what can only be described as a hurricane with lightning striking all around us. Luckily we were able to get off the river, however the closest land to us just so happened to be three mile island. Not only were we scared we were going to be struck by lightning, we were also concerned about radiation poisoning. Everything we had with us got completely soaked but we were totally fine. In time the storm subsided, we were able to cover some more miles downstream. We ended the night camping on an island listening to music and staying warm by the fire. Another successful trip!

PL: What do you enjoy most about film and/or digital photography and what is challenging about it? 

DS: I definitely enjoy shooting film over digital. I just find it makes me slow down a little, and think more about what I’m trying to capture. I’d say the most challenging, and probably obvious thing is just not being certain if you got the shot till you get your film back.

PL: Do you have any goals or ideas of how you want to grow this collection of photographs?

DS: I recently finished building a camper van, and my girlfriend Molly and I are working on a project documenting our travels. We’re planning on making a zine out of it after a year or so. I also have an ongoing street project that doesn’t have a specific theme or location at the moment. It includes work from mostly Lancaster (where I used to live) and Philly, with a little NYC mixed in. I have hopes to maybe make a book and/or have a gallery of that work one day, but I want to wait till I have what I feel is a really strong body of work before I do anything with it. I’m also in general trying to get more involved with the Philly photography scene and make more friends and connections in the community.



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