Picking the Perfect Summer Film


Having trouble deciding which color film to load into your camera this summer? 



Here’s our guide to pick the perfect film for your summer plans. 

Headed somewhere sunny?

Pick a film stock with a low ISO number like Kodak Gold 200 or Ektar 100. 

Kodak Gold is a warmer, medium-contrast film with very fine grain. 

Ektar 100 is a high saturation film commonly used for landscape photography with even finer grain

Shooting photos at sunset or after dark?

Pick a film stock with a higher ISO number, like Portra 800 or CineStill 800.

Portra 800 is a warmer film that has a bit more grain, and is ideal in low-light situations. 

Cinestill 800 is another great option in low-light situations known for its halation, which can add a glowing effect to your photos.


If you aren’t certain what lighting conditions you’ll be shooting in, opt for a more versatile film like Fuji 400.


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