Digitizing Month is here!

Digitizing Services

Get ready for an entire month dedicated to preserving your priceless memories. 

First and foremost: we’ve introduced Sort and Quote appointments! Because let’s be honest: we know converting your analog items can be a pain in the you know what. So with that in mind, we’re continuing to make our digitizing services easier. Beginning today, October 4, you can book an appointment anytime during our usual business hours (we’re open daily at 130 S. 17th Street from 11am-5pm) with our Digitizing Manager and professional photo organizer Hannah and her team for a free Sort and Quote. Let's get your originals counted, sorted, priced, and (thinking ahead) ready to make holiday gifts. 

There’s no charge for this service — it’s completely free. Then, if you give us the green light, you get 15% off your entire order. 

Next up, we’ve dedicated our entire gallery space to digitizing this month. From now until the end of October, we’re featuring beautiful new prints made from older slides and negatives that customers have agreed to share. This show is a testament to memories of lives lived, to the beauty of real prints, and to our digitizing and printing services. Come by and check it out anytime during regular business hours! 

Finally, we’re hosting two Digitizing 101 Q&As in the coming weeks! You can register for free and attend on Zoom, where our team will be answering your questions on all things digitizing. The Sort and Quote process, organization, file format options, the types of analog items we convert, and more. Register for free here

We'll see you soon! 

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