Prints and Enlargements from Digital

PhotoLounge can print beautiful prints and enlargements from digital cameras and from iPhones and Android phones. We also print print panos and square prints.

Order online for pick up in our main store on Chestnut street in about two hours. Also choose from multiple MobiLab Places around center city Philly for next day hyper local pick up. Same day in-town bike delivery is free when you order $25 or more (from West Philly, around the Penn campus, to Columbus BLVD, and from Washington Avenue to Art Museum area, Northern Liberties, and Fishtown).   All photo printing and enlargement work is done in our Philadelphia, PA shop.  Also try our free App.  

To order prints at the Lounge, bring your iPhone, memory card, USB key, or DVD, and use our order kiosks to select print sizes.  Cropping and editing is available on every kiosk. We’ll be right at your side if you need help, and your order will be printed in as fast as you need it.

Expect professional prints, better than anywhere else.  Glossy is available for 4x6 and 5x7 prints, and professional lustre is available up to giant poster sizes. 

Lustre is preferred by most of our customers: it’s like a textured matte surface; glare-free behind glass; resistant to fingerprints; and smoother on skin tones.  And it's archival for a century. The cost is the same, but luster will set your prints apart. 

Example prices, when ordering online: 4x6 $0.55-$0.39, by number of prints. Popular enlargements include : 5x7, 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 12x12, 11x14, 11x17, 12x12, 12x18, and all panoramic sizes.  For larger sizes or prints for home décor see here.






  • If you’re printing your wedding pictures from the photographer’s images, and have rights to the images, use choose Lutre surface
  • If you’re printing headshots, prices for 25 prints start at $3.2 per print, and name setup is included. Email your file and full name here
  • If you’re a professional photographer click here
  • If you’re printing for an exhibition click here
  • If you’re doing a home makeover, visit our canvas page or come be inspired at the Lounge