A quick, but important note about the ENVIRONMENT!!! 

Many film cameras require the use of one or multiple batteries, the majority of which are made for single-use. While we can all try to use rechargeable batteries for compatible models, we need to still be responsible when disposing of single-use batteries, which contain acids and other chemicals harmful to the environment. We work very hard to reduce our impact on the environment, and at PhotoLounge we have an ecological battery disposal as well as a silver recovery filter (when you develop film without silver recovery all the metals in your film go into the water, harming wildlife). We never charge anything, even if you aren’t a customer, to dispose of your camera batteries. It helps you, AND it helps the Earth. If your camera just abruptly shut off in the middle of a shoot, and you need a new charge, at least bring your old one here and rest easy it didn’t harm the trees or the seals! 

Members of the PFPC also receive 50% off their new battery when they bring in their old for eco-safe disposal!