Theme: Motion

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Motion
Prize: Print and Frame Bundle
Winner:  @studiobydc

What We Liked: We liked how this photo captures a sense of movement in the boxer’s arms and speed bag while the subjects face is sharp and in focus. The photo also holds a great deal of energy which draws you into the image.

From the Artist: This image of Hammerin' Hank Lundy, a professional fighter out of Philadelphia, was taken at one of his open media workouts. These open workouts normally happen days before their fight. When it comes to speed bag, the magic is always showing the fury of what's happening. So with this shot, I didn't have to drag the shutter long because the fighters hands and the bag move so fast and I used rear curtain sync for the flash. I also made sure to point the flash head at Lundy's face to freeze his expression and keep the drag in the fists and the bag. This shot remains in my printed boxing portfolio. 

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