Theme: Experimental

Photo Contest
Contest Theme: Experimental
Prize: Two rolls of film processed & scanned high res for free along with one 8x10 fine art print!
Winner: @light.falls

What We Liked: Experimental photography encourages the pushing of boundaries as photographers explore new creative avenues through the use of unconventional techniques. This can range from double exposures, long exposures, filters, impressionistic focus, light leaks, etc. If you’re shooting on film, you could even go so far as to paint on your negative. In this duotone portrait, half of the face is obscured, veiled via a light source from a second exposure. This creates a barrier between the viewer and the subject; the subject is presented under the guise of mystery and therefore escapes from being completely perceived by the viewer. What could otherwise pass for a passport photo becomes elevated through the playful application of color and light.

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