Theme: Color Purple

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: the color purple
Prize: $25 print voucher
Winner: @melsoyphotography

From the Artist: "This photo was taken in the depths of COVID winter when we were all pretty confined to our homes. We all had to start getting creative when it came to taking photos and entertaining ourselves in the house. My partner, who is a musician (also Philly based, Dream Computer) had an idea for us to mess around & make some music for a few hours. We got lost in it for a while and when I looked up I realized it had gotten dark out and the lighting of the equipment illuminated the room so beautifully. I had to snap a photo, both because of the unique glow, but also to capture a memory of the good times of such a hard winter."

What We Liked: The light throughout this photo is really interesting. Having the buttons illuminate the persons’s hands is a clever use of light. We also like how their arm parallels the keyboard because it brings the various elements in the photo together.

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