PhotoLounge Presents: Lara Young

Beyond the Gallery

How would you describe your work?
“My work documents people’s intimate moments -- little actions and gestures they perform with themselves that were never really meant to be seen by the people around them. It’s these details that expose our individual humanity and vulnerability.”

What makes a photograph of yours stand out?
“My photographs are less like images and more like immersive experiences that are inviting even from a distance. They are meant to be approached with mindfulness and compassion.”

How is photography most rewarding to you?
“Oftentimes the spontaneous connections that I'll have with strangers don’t allow for us to really get to know each other. By taking their photograph, I'm able to preserve our connection -- the more I look at their photo, the more I get to know them, even long after we've separated.” What steps do you take to ensure growth as an artist?
"I make sure to remember that I am a person first, and a photographer second. Because my photographs have so much to do with how I see and treat people, my personal growth tends to organically affect my creative work.”

What are the biggest challenges associated with being creative?
“The hardest part of being an artist is having to deal with this expectation that you must always be producing and churning out work. Creativity does not have to be constant, and it is okay, important even, to go through periods where you have a mental block and feel less motivated as an artist. It is healthy to take a pause, and invest in yourself as opposed to your work every once in a while.”

What do you want viewers to take away from your art?
“I want viewers to feel as if they’ve been granted the privilege of being let into someone’s private world. As the audience, you exist somewhere between voyeur and guest in the presence of the subject.”

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