PhotoLounge Presents: Jack McCaul

Beyond the Gallery

How would you describe your work?
“I view my work as a collection of moments, places, and people that shape my life. Without staging any of my shots, I am able to capture these special people & places in their most genuine form, which to me is why it is so beautiful.”

What is your favorite subject to capture?
“Without a doubt, people. More Specifically, the people and places that I love. When I go somewhere, my camera goes too.”

What influence does surfing have on your work?
"Some of my favorite shots are from times I brought my busted up point and shoot into the ocean while my little cousin played around on some small summer waves. It means so much to me because it really is the connection of two things I love & respect most. The atmosphere of the sea & surfing has changed my life for the better and I guess I am just trying to show that to others.”

How has your work evolved over the years?
“I think at the beginning, I was 17 and shooting what I thought people wanted to see. Now, that is all out the window. I am shooting these pictures for me, and it’s more of a feeling I am searching for rather than a look.”

Who inspires you to shoot?
“My list of inspirations could go on for days but to keep it simple; Brian Chorski, my good friend Jayne, Patrick Joust, my girlfriend Allie, my cousin Julian, and Joe Greer.”

What’s an important lesson photography has taught you?
“The beauty of the present moment. There is just so much beauty in the ‘ordinary’ and I believe shooting film has helped me understand this on a whole new level. I've learned that this life is so much more beautiful than we give it credit for. And because of photography, I have hundreds of tangible keepsakes that constantly remind me that beauty.”




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