Yara Kemeh


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The Line of Life (triptych) 1
I love life, and I don't mean boring old mundane life where everyone has places to be or phones to stare into, I mean living. I love to observe and look at signs of living things, and these pictures perfectly describe what I mean. The bloom of a blossom, the start of a plant, a singular soft feather sitting on a vine, they all have significance to me. All of them show a line of living, something we forget to appreciate every now and then, something we forget to do. That line is only so long, it's important to appreciate it while we can.

The Line of Life (triptych) 2

The Line of Life (triptych) 3

Art The Heart
I was experimenting with light as an art source because I was curious what kind of effects it would give off. I thought the light of the heart was so beautiful and wanted to capture the beauty as a memory.

Rainy Night
I was at an art event, and everything was so exciting and crowded. I looked outside to catch a glimpse of the rainy night and it was so calming. It was a breath of fresh air, a chance to escape the crowd. Even though it was a nice crowd, everyone needs a breath of fresh air.