Trinity Mendez


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Glass Leaf
This photo was taken at Batsto Village. I was walking around taking photos while also listening to my surroundings. I was standing on a little bridge and heard the rushing water of a small waterfall, looked over and saw a leaf on the edge and the way the water was flowing over it made it look glasslike.

This is a photo of me with the word “Silence” over my mouth. I chose “Silence” because as a women of the society nowadays we are silenced when it comes to sexual assault or domestic violence. We need to feel as though we can speak up about these things but society makes it hard because female emotions are not a priority.

World Between Day and Night
I was in a car ride around 5 am on a Sunday morning with my camera. I stopped when I saw the bridge lit up and the sun was just about to creep up as well. I had to capture this because not every sunrise is the same. This is called “World Between Day and Night” because the bridge and cars are lit up between the sunrise and night.