Off Topic Gallery Prints: Second Level Wall Five


$ 100.00 

Backstage, 1980 (12x18)
Michael Mercanti

Nurture, 2022 (16x24)
Rebecca Barger

John The Baptist, 2/9/2020 (12x18)
Laurence Kesterson

Place Setting, 2000 (12x18)
Vicki Valerio

Vestals, 2011 (20x30)
Linda Johnson

Swimmer 2 (16x24)
Jay Gorodetzer

HOMELESS OUTREACH, 8/9/2021 (16x24)
Jay Gorodetzer

The Book and The Bird, 2017 (20x20)
Eric Mencher

Angels Among Us, NYC, 8/15/2018 (20x30)
Laurence Kesterson

Prints will be available for pick up beginning October 4th